Scholarship Recital

The scholarship recital is designed to help raise funds for the Educational Scholarship Fund. Without the support of our chapter brothers and patrons, we would not be able to provide scholarships to high school graduates planning on continuing their education at either Virginia State University or Virginia Union University in the upcoming fall semester. The scholarship recital takes place in September. 

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

The chapter works closely with the Petersburg Salvation Army to participate with their annual bell ringing activities during the Christmas holiday season. Members of Nu Lambda go to various locations specified by the Salvation Army and “ring the bell” while asking citizens to donate to the Salvation Army. Monies that are raised during the bell ringing go to support organizational initiatives and programs.

Fort Lee Christmas Dinner

Each Christmas Eve, brothers of Nu Lambda go to the military base in Fort Lee, approximately 15-20 minutes from Petersburg, to serve dinner to the troops that stay on base during the Christmas holiday. Through generous monetary and food donations from chapter brothers and outside sources, the troops are provided with an outstanding dinner and firm appreciation for the sacrifices made for our country.